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943584_858733309554_1114529625_nSeattle, Washington, 1981. A manchild comes screaming into shocking existence. At a young age he shows an early aptitude for rolling dice and telling lies, skills that would prove to be powerful assets for him when he finally discovered tabletop role-playing games at the age of 32.

Hello! My name is Nate, and in May of 2014 I started a YouTube channel to document my gaming journeys and reflections. At the time I was just beginning to dabble in tabletop role-playing games, and was thinking my channel would mostly be about video games. But role-playing games quickly became an obsession for me and I think it’s safe to say I’ve found my new love.  You’ll still find some PC game and other tech nerdy stuff here occasionally, but mostly RPG stuff these days.

I’m a family man, with a wonderful wife and 3 young kids (future gamers) who keep me pretty busy. Much of my time is also spent in a classroom writing on whiteboards and inspiring young minds with the record of the past.

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  1. HEY!!!! YOUR SO AWESOME! I love playing D&D and you convinced my mom into playing it! She is hard to convince so good job! Thanks!


    • Nice, man! Well done. And hey, it was YOU that convinced her, but I’m happy something I did could help too. 🙂

  2. Hi there! I just wanted to thank you! I found your “How to play D&D……” video on YouTube. (I’m 44). My nephew, (7), and I are learning to play D&D together. We love to roll dice and tell stories. Also, I watched your video on the Reaper miniatures and I backed their project. THANK YOU for making our D&D experience (and future experiences) totally AWESOME!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by to comment! It means a lot for me to hear I’m helping others; keeps me fired up to keep doing it. D&D can be a great family activity, so happy gaming to you and your nephew! Good luck painting all those Reaper Bones, too. We’ll be buried in miniatures when they finally ship. Can’t wait. 🙂

  3. What a stroke of luck it was to find your videos pop up when I searched “dungeons and dragons 5e” in Youtube for guidance on how to be DM games for my son. I also am a father of three (four in December, new baby is the only reason I will miss the Star Wars premiere) and it is inspirational to see another dad out there working a job full time and still having a fulfilling avocation as gaming guru. Thanks for all the great videos, articles, and tips. This site and your channel are truly a great resource for would-be DMs and RPG players.

    • Well thanks for stopping by John. Power to the gamer dads! 😀

  4. The INKARNATE tool is phenomenal, especially liked the idea of sculpting.
    I would like to spend a few ideas about this tool, such as:
    – Add Scrollbar in the image;
    – Resize image quality;
    – Add icons to modern cities;
    – Changing color not sculpted area;

    Sorry if my English is wrong, my English is very bad, kkkkkk.

  5. Hi Nathan,
    I’m so glad I found your Youtube videos and website! Your videos are very informative about how to be a good DM/player and also player creation. I haven’t played D & D in about 30 years. My 2 teens, boy and girl found my old Advanced D & D books. Now after dusting off the books and many hours of reading, we are ready to start a new adventure. Just wanted to say thanks for all the time you put into making your videos available for other fellow gamers to see. Thanks!

  6. Hey Guys. Dustin here. I was browsing YouTube when i saw A Fist Full of Dice was streaming the Provokers session 11. I started watching about 10 min of it and decided to go back and watch session 1. I watched through the whole thing in one sitting. I loved every second of it. So i decided i was going to try to watch all 11 sessions before session 12 aired. Let me just say. Matt your story telling is simply epic!!! I feel like your world is living and breathing just as J.R.R. Tolkens middle earth. And combine that with you players. Barker, Nate, Tim, and Juce you all bring your characters to life! I feel like as I’ve watched/listened to your stories in Erenoth I’ve been reading a Graphic novel or watching a movie. Your descriptions are just perfect. When i get a credit card and some funds together i will be most certainly getting some scenarios from absolutetabletop.com. I look forward to watching everything you guys come up with! Even if you guys combined your table top knowledge to make a master RPG Game of your own. Taking the things you like from DND and pathfinder and any other RPG Games you all enjoy. Thank you to all five of you for the hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

    • Thanks so much, Dustin! I really appreciate it. I’m sure we all do. We all have a blast playing together and are so glad others enjoy it too. Matt’s world is really great, and I highly recommend his Wayward Wanderer supplement when you can spare the $. It’s REALLY good, especially if you like the Provokers. But yeah, all of the Absolute Tabletop stuff so far has been excellent. And don’t forget you can get it for free in the first week of release. I think Barker’s latest is still ‘pay what you want’ for a couple more days. 🙂 Take care man, and happy gaming!

  7. Every time i mention you in RPG conversation, i always mention you as Aerdon (sp?) the elf of shadevale…Your video series on drawing maps inspired me to draw my homebrew world. Its very large, 36″x24″. Keep the videos coming buddy!!!

    • Thanks, man! 😀 I’m okay with being called Aerdon. Haha. I’d love to see the map! Maybe post it on the WASD20 Facebook page when it’s done. Cheers!

  8. I need help!
    I recently bought all three dnd books ( Player’s Handbook, DM’s Guide & Monster Manual ) and I found some pretty good monsters in the Monster Manual that I’d like to play as, you know, make the game more challenging! But I can’t choose that race from the Complete Player’s Guide, 5th Edition, soo… Is it, like, forbidden or so to choose, perhaps, a goblin and fight as evil, kill humans and so?
    Also, I want do add a new race, the (Civilized) Loogong, that has wild form, the Wild Loogong, and the Wild Loogong can be trated either as a pet/animal, or a monster. Now, I’d like to also play as a Loogong, but here’s what I want! I don’t know whether if it’s a good idea or not, it’s a tough job or kinda easy if you know how you want it to be, you know…
    If you want to know more about my idea about a Loogong, and, who knows, maybe use it, you can ask me and I’ll tell you what I have in mind… You might like it!
    Now, don’t get mad if I also comment this in your latest video or send this to you (if I find your email address… ), but I want your answer as soon as possible, and just be seen by you, an experienced player!

    P.S. Awesome videos you make, keep it up!
    P.P.S. Please, send the answer on my email (vladimirantofi@ymail.com), please!
    Love you, bye!

  9. Keep up the awesome work! PNW DnD players unite! I started by watching Matts fistfullofdice youtube page and stumbled upon the provokers, and after over 40 hours of watching you guys play, I hope to one day find a group of players that can take the game as you and all the guys do. It also gave me hope for online games in google hangout like you guys did, I look forward to being able to catch a live game in the future. All the best to you and your family!

    Salem, Or

  10. Hey Nate!
    Just wanted to say how grateful I am for your D&D videos. I just recently got into
    the hobby about a month ago because of accidentally stumbling upon your “how to play D&D” series. I’ve downloaded the basic player and DM rules and got a small group of friends together to play. Two weeks ago was our first session of playing Lost Mines of Phandelver. It’s hard to find time with school but we strive for every saturday. Keep up the great content and happy gaming!

  11. I’m slowly returning to D&D after last playing it 20-odd years ago (2nd ed AD&D)! Your videos are doing a really great job of showing how the game has changed and how to play it the modern way. I especially like the simple way to explain and demonstrate things in an easy to follow and understand manner, but also in videos that are not so long that I lose track! Very helpful and I am working my way through them all!

  12. Hello Nate!

    This might be weird at first but my name is Zed. I’ve been practicing a few d&d sessions AS the DM and I’m really happy that you actually helped me find ways to become a better DM. From your Sample sessions to tips of being a better DM or finding a good group. I also loved your Fantasy Map making and it really REALLY helped me to be a bit creative and a good map designing. Thanks to that, my friends are now asking me to make Maps for their rooms, school work, etc. I also liked the episodes of “The Provokers” and “The Provokers: Bleakwrath” (I hoped I spelled it right XD)which you played in. Little know fact I’m from the Philippines (not that big of a deal) and I lack the skills in being interactive (or to socialized) and take part of the “leadership” thingy in school. But thanks to you (and also some d&d players)(name drop: DawnForgedCast XD) You made me come to a realization that I can face my fear of “being socialized” with other people. I hope you read this and had a great time. I’m really glad you came a part of my recommended page in youtube XD.

    And As Always,

    Happy Gaming

    PS: You’re a great guy 🙂

    • Hi Zed. Thanks so much for the kind words and I’m thrilled to hear that getting more into D&D is helping you in other areas of life too! That’s so amazing. Happy gaming!

  13. Hi Nate,

    Great videos, really appreciate the work you’ve done. Question, where can I find the monster figures you used for the “How to Play D&D” series of videos? They would be a lot better than the old scrabble tiles I’m using to represent monsters.

  14. Dude! Good stuff. I am new to D&D 5e, but have played D&D since 1976. I was the DM for a long running weekly game for my friends (11+ years, I think). This campaign ended in Fall 2010 when I adopted my first daughter. I adopted my second daughter in 2015. Now, time to play is limited. I am enjoying your videos. Keep up the good work. My goal is to get back into gaming (everything). My brother (Nathan) has tricked me into DM-ing for his 4 friends. It should be interesting.
    Peace & back rubs, Perkins

  15. Nate, your YouTube map making tutorials rock! Keep’em coming! I really appreciate the narration of your comparisons of different style techniques in the tutorials! You can probably see some of your influence on my recent blog postings at my website! Cheers!

  16. I love love love your mapping videoes! I use Inkarnate to make most of my maps and then use your techniques to draw them for paper copies to use in my Sunday games. My brother sister and I got into D&D through the red box about 5 years ago and I am 19 now so we were young kids creating worlds and campaigns and using youtube for help and I am happy to have your content for help. I would love to show you my maps or stories from my years of D&D.

  17. I love the video where you look at InKarnate! I’ve used it since for my tabletop gaming club. The buyer’s guide was also very useful! Thanks!

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