Mapgate: Scandal and the Need for a “Do-over”

Bad news, friends. Sometimes on the internet people disregard polite requests! I know, unbelievable right?

More details in the video below. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. It’s been a valuable learning experience.  🙂

See you Friday!



  1. Sorry to hear you had to deal with that, super suckage! Sometimes people’s perspectives on what it takes to win isn’t on merit alone I guess. Still, nice job resolving it! Look forward to voting!

  2. Hey, Nate, don’t worry too much over this (you said ‘sorry’ about ten times). Your contest nudged me into making an interesting map that everyone can enjoy, so it is a win however the ending turns out. I mean, if I want, I could just buy any of the prizes myself. The true prize is seeing all of the awesome maps that everyone produced.

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