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The Beginner’s Guide to D&D 5E – how to play, buyer’s guide, & more

Adventure Ideas for RPGs (free PDF)

5E Character Creation tutorials


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donjon – random generators and other RPG resources

D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules (free)

D&D 5th Edition Character Sheets

D&D 5th Ed. Pregen characters (huge library)


Friends – Support some of the people who support me. Check out their stuff!

Tabletop Gaming with Juce

A Fistful of Dice

Tabletop Terrors

Be A Better Game Master


Captain Gothnog



  1. Really like the 1-page adventure idea sheet Nate! The page background and formatting is a nice touch too. Definitely going in my GM toolbox. Cheers!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you find it useful. I’m hoping to do more stuff like that.

  2. These are awesome it really is helping me and my friends get used to the game

  3. I wish I had found these tutorials earlier on when I was first learning 5th Edition, especially the buyer’s guide. I’ve bookmarked this page since and I have sent it to all my 5th edition beginner friends.

  4. Hi Nathan,
    Thanks, so much, for posting your youtube videos. I just watched the 2 “how to play D&D” ones, and they were really helpful in understanding how to run a basic combat and moving around situation. Now I’m going to watch the character creation one, so I can understand what all the stuff on the character sheets mean. Then my poor kids will be subjected to hours of role playing games!

    One idea for a video: ideas for making adventures for little kids. Since you have a 5 year old, I guess it’s something you think about. Make the video!

    • Great idea for a video. I’ll try to do something like that. Have fun with your kids!

  5. Dear Mr. Vanderzee,
    I am learning how to play DnD 5e and I was wondering if you might direct me to the solo campaigns you use in your “How To Play D&D” videos? I am looking for a level 1 one-shot solo campaign so my brother can teach me how to play in an actual game.

    • Hi Kenji. I actually don’t know of anything like that. I pretty much made mine up on the spot with very little planning and I don’t have it written down anywhere. Sorry! If you ask around on reddit or FB groups you can probably find some suggestions. Good luck! And thanks for stopping by the site.

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