Your Sellsword Summer Mapping Contest Winners

In case you missed the live announcement the other night (still viewable), I’d like to share our 3 winners in the Sellsword Summer Mapping Contest. These were the 3 maps (out of the top 10) to receive the most votes in our final round.


Third place goes to . . .


Map #1 | Tory Jones | New York, USA

Clean lines, a soft and skilled touch of color, detailed settlements, and beautifully sharp jagged peaks. It all comes together so nicely, and it just works!

Tory wins a PDF copy of Be A Better Campaign Master book 1: Building the World by Barker from Absolute Tabletop (and featuring some of my art!).


Coming in at second place . . .


Map #29 | JB Montney | Michigan, USA |

This map takes my initial coastline and puts in space! Need I say more? Yes, I do. Vibrant color, an incredibly detailed border, and that name: “Sphinx Nebula”. Come on.  

JB wins How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps, by Jared Blando.


And your FIRST PLACE map, and the reigning champion . . .


Map #9 | Richard Evans | Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

When I really zoom in this map blows my mind. The extremely detailed linework gives the landscape a rich texture, and the various banners are a great touch.

Richard wins the six pack of Sakura Pigma Micron pens.


Congratulations to our winners! Thank you for sharing your talent with us, and I’m excited to see next years endeavors.  🙂

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