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If you are interested in helping support my work on this website and my YouTube channel here are a few ways to do that!

  1. Keep watching, reading, commenting, sharing my videos, and encouraging me. This is the most important thing. If you choose not to do any of the below that is totally fine. I’m just glad you are here sharing my love of gaming.  🙂
  2. When you buy stuff on Amazon use my Amazon Affiliate Link. It’s the same great Amazon, exact same low prices, but when you buy through this link it helps support my work.
  3. Become a patron! WASD20 is now on Patreon, where you can become a monthly supporter of my work. Give as little as one dollar a month, and unlock some nifty rewards. Help me reach my goals!  Thanks for considering.
  4. Donate via the ‘support this channel’ button on my my YouTube Channel page. Even a buck or two helps!
  5. Buy some sweet merchandise from the WASD20 store.  🙂

I make videos and write because I love games. I don’t need the money, but I am thinking that if things keep going the way they have been this could be an actual job someday. Let me be clear, that I hope to keep doing what I do whether or not I make a cent. However, your encouragement and support does make it easier for me justify the time and effort I put into the channel and site, AND I can purchase better equipment and materials to make the channel even better. Still, whether or not you do any of the above, thanks for stopping by and thanks for being you! Happy gaming!


  1. Hey I think it’s great what you do, I’m new into the DnD scene and I’m really loving it, and it’s even cooler to see a leader in a Christian workforce supporting and teaching it, I’m new to the channel but I can tell I’ll really enjoy your videos!

  2. Similar to the above, I’m new to the entire D & D universe. Stumbled on your youtube channel by accident, and now find myself really loving the site, channel and comment in general. Great job and keep the fun coming.

    • Hey. Sorry for the delayed reply here. Check out my character creation page in the Beginner’s Guide here on the site. Or try to Google ‘5th edition character sheets’.

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